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Currently drooling over… Madewell Leather Transport



Available in true black and english saddle from Madewell for $168USD

I am terrible with handbags. As in, I love them too much and want all of them. This is the one that I’m currently coveting for the summer. I know, it’s still winter. But I can just see myself toting this around in my shorts and even for work. Basking in the sun mild Vancouver sun, I’ll throw in a light jacket or maybe my trusty denim jacket and my sunglasses. It is reasonably priced and I would love it forever. It would be perfect for walking down Robson Street. It would hold everything! If only Madewell’s shipping to Canada wasn’t so expensive, I would order this in a heartbeat. Alas, I will be without this bag for now…


What’s in my purse?

Here are all my dirty little secrets spilled out on my living room floor for all of you to see.  I’ll start from the top left and go clockwise and spiral into the middle.

  • Coach Julianne from the Madison Collection
  • Jimmy Choo for H&M zipper wallet
  • Burberry earmuffs
  • Chapstick lip moisturizer
  • Dior High Shine lipstick in Addict
  • Car Keys
  • iPod shuffle
  • Coach mini skinny with my bus pass, keys, and starbucks gift card
  • Blackberry Curve
  • Work Pass
  • Camera
  • Danier leather gloves
  • Mini Pink Moleskine with biodegradeable pen
  • Tic Tacs

Update 01/04/10:  Unfortunately, I took this picture in the last few days of the year and my clutch was lost on NYE.  So my camera, Blackberry, and Coach mini skinny are all missing now.  *sigh*