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It’s October already??

My supervisor and a co-worker went on vacation and I was smoking busy for three weeks. I couldn’t look at my computer after coming home. But I’ve missed blogging. So here’s a long post with what I’ve been up to. I bought tickets to the Canucks opening game. It was sooo much fun! Even though we lost, I had a blast. I got to meet Fin!

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Joe Fresh Fall Collection

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the Joe Fresh stand alone store that’s opening at 540 Granville Street on October 13th. With that being said, I’ve been checking out the newly expanded Joe Fresh section in the Superstore near my house and picking up something new everytime I go grocery shopping. “One package of blueberries, check. OoOoo… this navy striped sweater is cute too!”. When the new store opens, there will be 14,000 square feet of Joe Fresh goodness. Just from the fall collection, I’ve gotten myself a few pieces. It’s pretty hard to get my size in things I want because they sell so quickly.

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Hey Shorty! Give me back my shorts!

It snowed in Vancouver today and I’ve been thinking about this post for the last while because it’s been warm.  I guess you can never really predict Vancouver weather.  Every year, I start buying summer clothes in March because I just can’t wait.  Then all the clothes sit in my closet until at least May when it’s actually warm enough to wear them.  It’s not any different this year and I actually started last month.  All that means is the clothes sit in my closet longer.

My favourite summer clothing article is shorts!  The length of short is all over the place with so many different styles to choose from.  The biker short can now be worn under a tunic like the way Marc Jacobs has shown in the above picture.  Kind of like the legging of the summer.  Good for those weary of the super short shorts.  Like this one from ASOS:

I’m also loving the skirt-wannabe short called the culottes.  I like the look of short skirts but am always worried about a big gust of wind.  Not likely, I know but with these shorts, I get both the look and security that I won’t flash my panties to the world (also available at ASOS).

To dress up a pair of shorts, throw on a blazer.  And if it’s chilly, put some tights on under your shorts.  Club Monaco has a cute grey blazer perfect for spring/summer.

Oh!  The possibilities are endless with shorts!  I can’t wait to wear the ones I’ve bought already.  And I am eyeing a pair of floral culottes and I might just have to buy them.  Summer can come early, I’m ready!

I dream of Jimmy Choo… <3

Jimmy Choo and H&M are collaborating! Refer back to my post a few days ago for the details…

So the preview for the collection came out today… and these are the items I am dreaming about and drooling over. This is terrible. I WANT EVERYTHING! I was hoping that the collection wouldn’t look so amazing so I wouldn’t want it all but everything looks just even better than I expected it to.


I think I’ll be lucky if I can find one of these items.  Only 4 more days until Jimmy Choo… until then, I’ll be dreaming.

Spring Dress Me Up!

the weather where i am is getting warmer and it’s nice to feel the sun on my face once again. although it rained like crazy today, the stores are filling up with beautiful spring colours and lovely spring dresses that make me want to take out my mastercard. except i’ve been banned from buying anything until after my birthday. apparently, i always buy everything i want and leave little for my friends to buy me for gifts. oh well, i’ll share with you the dresses i’m eyeing that i’ve seen online. as soon as i get a chance, i’ll also share with you the dress that i bought for my birthday and the second costume change. yes, i’m frivolous. but i gotta look fab for my birthday.

marciano by guess $158 CDN

marciano by guess $158 CDN

back view

back view

this pretty little purple number is for the daring with the low cut front and back. i tried this on in the store yesterday and fell in love. except i’ve been banned so i didn’t buy it. and the price tag is a little steep for a dress that can only be worn in one season. if you’re willing, you’ll feel glamourous in it. reminiscent of the marilyn monroe white dress but with a spring colour twist. $19.80 USD $19.80 USD

i really like the two tone dresses that have come out lately. and the dresses that look like a skirt and a top but are really one dress. this one is very casual and perfect for shopping out in the sun. with the illusion of a higher waistline, it’ll make your legs look longer for those out there that are petite like me and need the extra boost. $44.50 $44.50 USD

this one is perfect for the backyard bbq that your crush is going to be at. the colour draws eyes to you and the empire waist is flattering on most body types. with some braids in your hair (a la whitney from the city), you’ll be the cutest girl in the yard. $24.80 USD $24.80 USD

 if you’re lucky enough to be staying in an all inclusive resort somewhere this summer, this is the dress for you. it screams sipping cocktails poolside! but it’s versatile enough to take home after the vacation and have cocktails on patio with the girlfriends.

stay tuned for the birthday dress decision i made. *psst! i had a runner up outfit that didn’t quite make the cut but i will keep because it is just too cute. oh yeah! and my outfit #2 for clubbing with my friends.  🙂