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Shopping Ban Update: Slip-Up #1

It all started with a hole in my tights…

I thought this was a good reason to head downtown after work. I asked my co-worker to accompany me so that I would be monitored and I didn’t shop. I also enjoy his company. The only setback was that my co-worker ended up having to work late and I ended up shopping alone.

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Pinkies Up, Ladies!

My friend A hosted a little tea party in her fiance’s backyard and we were all invited to bring something to share. I can’t cook or bake (without the help of S) so I cut some strawberries and bought some tea biscuits and TimTams.

Aren't we classy??

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I’d love for you to adorn my neck…

I think I love vintage watch faces…

For my new necklace, I had to have another watch face. I come to I Found Gallery and naturally gravitate to the beautiful vintage watch faces. Something about watches reminds me that someone with a history wore this watch years and years ago. And they always seem to remind me of my grandpa.

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I’ve been very bad…

After my whole month and a half of no shopping, I fell off my wagon and gave in to my inner shopping demons. I went to the mall under the precedent that I was running “Vegas errands”.  In all honesty, I was running errands. I dropped off some shoes to get fixed and dropped off some dry cleaning. I bought some lashes for those nights out. Somewhere in between the cracks, I lost control.

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Fashion is Abloom!

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2010

I remember wearing flower print dresses as a kid but now, they’re a hit on runways for Spring/Summer 2010.  With dresses, skirts, tops, and even shorts in floral print, there’s so many ways to incorporate the floral print.  I got inspired to write this post after my BFF asked me where to find a cute floral print dress.  And now, I find myself wanting to buy one too.  There are too many pretty ones to pick from.

Kite and Butterfly, $297.00 from

Available at Jacob

Available from

Available from ASOS at

Available from ASOS at

I can’t wait for spring when real flowers start blooming and the weather starts to warm up.  Then I can finally pack away my sweaters and cardigans and take out my summer dresses and shorts.  I can hardly wait!  And my least favourite part of end of winter/beginning of spring?  Stupid daylight savings… slept in again!

Oh yes, and my newest addition to my wardrobe:

$85.00 CDN from Aritzia

Talula Intarsia Sweater in grey (from Aritzia).  Against my BFF’s trusted advice, I bought this sweater.  I am wearing it right now and I don’t regret it.  I am sorry but it was too comfy to pass up.

My Week of Shopping Damage

I went shopping a few times over the last week and I did a lot of damage.  I got some good basics but I find myself already gravitating to the summer clothes.  American Eagle has come out with their spring collection which is filled with great basics and cute shorts.  Aritzia is definitely gearing up for the Olympics and I finally caved and bought one of their 2010 hoodies.  And I ALWAYS have a weakness for Urban Outifitters.  Why can’t they have a bigger store??

Anyways, here’s the damage:

AE cargo short $44.50 CDN

 I know it’s not summer yet but I couldn’t help it.  I accidently wore my Holliste cargo shorts to the point where there was a hole in the crotch and these ones are almost the same but with cuter flower zipper pulls.

AE Shirt Tail Tank in Ebony and Navy 2 for $30 CDN

 I love these tanks!  They’re so soft and so wearable and basic.  And affordable!  They’re not as low cut as advertised on their website so you don’t need to wear it with a bandeau bra.  I may have to go back and buy some more. 

AE Boyfit Cropped Jeans $49.50 CDN

 These boyfriend fit jeans are definitely not as soft as my Current/Elliot jeans but I really liked the way they were destroyed.  I had tried the destroyed Current/Elliots and almost bought them except I didn’t like the position and size of the holes.  Yes, I am picky.  But I saved money.

Fletcher by Lyell Dress from UO $78.00 CDN

Fletcher by Lyell Dress from UO $78.00 CDN

 I just watched 500 Days of Summer and I fell in love with Zooey Deschanel’s (Summer) 50’s inspired wardrobe.  The movie itself wasn’t that good but I loved her clothes and I had to run out and buy this dress the next day.  I will wear it with my Keds this summer.  🙂

Make Up Forever HD Primer, $37 CDN

 I am undecided about this primer as of now.  If I love it or hate it, I will write a review on it but the one plus side is that it is twice as much product as the Benefit one I was using for only $3 more.

Park Life for Aritzia 2010 Hoodie $98 CDN

 Aritzia came out with the same hoody but shorter and in a dark heather grey.  I had to have it.  The last Bachelorette Jillian Harris is a fan of this hoody and wore it on one of the episodes.  Who wouldn’t love the Quatchi in the pocket?  Can’t see it?  Look closely, or go to Aritzia.

Ninewest Flat $34.99 CDN

Just uploading these pictures is making my wallet hurt.  There’s still another dress that I bought at UO that I couldn’t find on their website.  But it is the most beautiful shade of blue.  I will post a picture of it when I find it on their website or if I find the time to take a picture of myself wearing it. 

My Handy Cardi-Blazer

Aritzia, $225CDN

Meet my trusty cardi-blazer.   I call it cardi-blazer because it’s kind of cut like a cardigan but then made of a crepe-y satiny material that’s more typically found in blazers.  I bought it about 2 months ago and it is sooo versatile.  I can throw it over anything and it works.  I can wear it casually over a t-shirt and jeans or wear it with one of my work dresses.  It’s nice that it has 3/4 length sleeves because I spend a lot of time on the computer typing away and it doesn’t get in the way.  I love it and live in it.

Since it’s almost Christmas, this would be a great gift for your girlfriend, sister, or best friend.  That is, if you really like them, it’s quite expensive.  But you really can’t go wrong with this cardi-blazer, it’s super flattering on lots of body types.