Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Being on a shopping ban has left me with little to blog about and a lot of extra time on my hands. Thinking about next year and my upcoming vacation (destination: TOP SECRET) is getting me closer to December 26th. Actually, I’ve also started my Christmas shopping early and have crossed some big ticket items off my list and also, found some Christmas spirit. Let’s start with the ugly Christmas sweater:

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Petite Feet Sample Shoe Sale Update

I went to the petite feet sample shoe sale today with my good friends T and thekitchenslave. T convinced all of us to leave our house at 7:00 in the morning to arrive by 7:30. The sale was to open at 10:00 but doors actually opened around 8:45. We were about 20th in line and the weather was quite nice for waiting outside (as in not raining). The first 100 people in line received tickets for one free pair of $30 shoes.

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Currently coveting… MILITARY BOOTS!

See by Chloe studded leather ankle boots, $495 USD (available on

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Petite Feet Sample Shoe Sale and Halloween

Remember the shoe sale I went to in the summer? It’s coming back with a vengance! And lots of boots!

So my friend T started researching them once she heard they were coming back. She found me a video of the Mississauga sale that just wrapped up in October and I had to share. The shoes look amazing. Hopefully we’ll have as good a selection as this woman from ilovewhatwomenwant got.

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Shopping Ban Update: Slip-Up #1

It all started with a hole in my tights…

I thought this was a good reason to head downtown after work. I asked my co-worker to accompany me so that I would be monitored and I didn’t shop. I also enjoy his company. The only setback was that my co-worker ended up having to work late and I ended up shopping alone.

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My Epiphany and New Shoes… *sigh*

I realized after deciding to go to Urban Outfitters that it was a bad idea. The more I go to shops, the more I want to buy. It is a problem, yes. As I stood in front of a pile of green silky cardigans, I clutched a black box and in that box was a pair of shoes. I realized then, that I have absolutely no self control when I am shopping.

As I stood there deciding whether or not to buy them, I wanted to have the strength to put them down and walk away. It was simple. Well, I thought it was, but I just couldn’t. Then I decided, I’ll buy them and try them on with a few outfits and I’ll decide later whether or not to keep them. I knew in my mind that this was a trap, I’ll probably most definitely just keep them.

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It’s October already??

My supervisor and a co-worker went on vacation and I was smoking busy for three weeks. I couldn’t look at my computer after coming home. But I’ve missed blogging. So here’s a long post with what I’ve been up to. I bought tickets to the Canucks opening game. It was sooo much fun! Even though we lost, I had a blast. I got to meet Fin!

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