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Currently drooling over… Madewell Leather Transport



Available in true black and english saddle from Madewell for $168USD

I am terrible with handbags. As in, I love them too much and want all of them. This is the one that I’m currently coveting for the summer. I know, it’s still winter. But I can just see myself toting this around in my shorts and even for work. Basking in the sun mild Vancouver sun, I’ll throw in a light jacket or maybe my trusty denim jacket and my sunglasses. It is reasonably priced and I would love it forever. It would be perfect for walking down Robson Street. It would hold everything! If only Madewell’s shipping to Canada wasn’t so expensive, I would order this in a heartbeat. Alas, I will be without this bag for now…


Currently coveting… MILITARY BOOTS!

See by Chloe studded leather ankle boots, $495 USD (available on

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Shopping Ban Update: Slip-Up #1

It all started with a hole in my tights…

I thought this was a good reason to head downtown after work. I asked my co-worker to accompany me so that I would be monitored and I didn’t shop. I also enjoy his company. The only setback was that my co-worker ended up having to work late and I ended up shopping alone.

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Joe Fresh Fall Collection

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the Joe Fresh stand alone store that’s opening at 540 Granville Street on October 13th. With that being said, I’ve been checking out the newly expanded Joe Fresh section in the Superstore near my house and picking up something new everytime I go grocery shopping. “One package of blueberries, check. OoOoo… this navy striped sweater is cute too!”. When the new store opens, there will be 14,000 square feet of Joe Fresh goodness. Just from the fall collection, I’ve gotten myself a few pieces. It’s pretty hard to get my size in things I want because they sell so quickly.

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Anti-Shopping Challenge Update #1

It’s been about three weeks since I started my shopping ban and I think I’ve been doing really well. I met with my bank manager today to order some cheques and he asked me, “How do you have so much money in your account?”. At that point, I laughed so hard I almost had tears in my eyes and I told him about my shopping ban. It’s not that I have so much money in my account but I guess he’s used to me not having so much money in my account. He told me that I qualified to get FREE cheques as long as I keep my balance above a certain amount. I told him it should be a problem if I adhere to my shopping ban. WHEEE! I like free things! 🙂

Since I can’t shop, I’ve decided to share some of my nail polish collection:

My nail polish rack

It doesn’t really fit all my nail polish. I think my collection has outgrown my rack. I need to either get another one, or give away some of the colours that I’m not really using.

Essie Chinchilly

This is one of my favourite colours at the moment. Not that I restrain myself in terms of nail polish colours, but it is conservative enough for the office but still very current. I have a business casual event so I decided to take off my OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui which is a beautiful shade of turquoise-y blue and paint my nails with a more appropriate taupe-ish colour.

Now for more online shopping torture:

Citizens of Humanity on

Skull & Bunny Avedon Skinny

I’ve always wanted a pair of Skull & Bunny jeans from COH and these are available from Revolve Clothing but not for international export. It’s better this way since last year’s Skull & Bunnys were way cuter and a boyfit which is more comfortable than these but the crystals on these are nice too.

Coach Sydney available at Coach Stores for $798.00

I’ve always been a fan of Coach’s leather. I love a bag with more than one way to carry it. Classic turnlock flap is reminiscent of vintage coach and the chain strap is so elegant. Not much brand-screaming with the subtle tags on the handle. Only drawback to the Sydney is that the chain is not removable. I guess only the Marc Jacobs Stam is perfect… *sigh* It will be mine! I guess I will not be using my preferred customer card to get 25% off on this bag. It is up for grabs to anyone in Vancouver who will be purchasing something from Coach before May 9th. Mother’s Day is coming!

All right, enough torture! Time for bed. 😉

Steveston for fish and chips at Pajo's

What the Shrek??

Anyone who knows me knows that I love nail polish, especially OPI and Essie. OPI’s newest collection is the Shrek Forever After collection which is named after their latest movie. I’m loving the brights spring colours and seriously wanting to try the pastel purple. But, I simply can not. No shopping until my birthday. It’s going to be a long (over) 3 weeks…

Since I can not swatch these for you, and my favourite nail polish blog has not swatched or reviewed this collection, check out this woman’s  very thorough review.

Anti-Shopping Challenge 2010

Saving up to go on vacation is really hard for me especially during this time since all the spring collections are coming out in stores. I literally need to hole myself at home and turn off my computer to stop shopping. But instead, I torture myself by going on Revolve, Hautelook, and lots of other online stores and then “stopping by” the mall on my way home from work. I decided last week to challenge myself to not buy anything until my birthday. My birthday is exactly one month away today and I will resist buying anything. Window shopping is okay but no shopping. With a few exceptions, I have a budget of $150 for my day trip to the states to visit David’s Bridal with my girl friend for dress shopping and I can buy ONE birthday dress/oufit. I keep coming up with exceptions. But I will limit myself to those two things. In the meantime, here are the things I’ve been torturing myself with.

Marc Jacobs Classic Stam:

$1350 USD from Bloomingdales

That damn Stam has been on the back of my mind ALL FREAKING DAY! It is driving me mad. That is how much it would cost me to go to Mexico. And in Canada, it costs a lot more: $1645 CDN from Holt Renfrew. What bothers me more is that there was a 14 year old girl at Holt Renfrew looking at it with her parents (who were already holding a shopping bag from Louis Vuitton). *sigh*

From Townshoes:

$135 CDN

They are pretty comfy even though I tried one half a size smaller than I usually wear but I will have to try them on in my size. The wedge makes them easier to walk in than the stilettos I usually wear. I love the stud detailing on the shoe. Perfect  for those nights in Vegas… or so I can imagine. I think these shoes would take me far.

Last thing I’ve been looking at buying is a small leather cross body purse in a neutral colour. Since my New Year’s Eve debaucle of losing the purse that was literally cuffed to my wrist (a case of too much Patron, Grey Goose, and champagne…), I’ve decided that a small cross body purse would be ideal for any partying I may be doing in the near future. And I love that I would have use of both hands and arms to dance! I could do the robot… 🙂

Phillip Lim, $495 CDN from Holt Renfrew

The details on the 3.1 Phillip Lim “Adin” bag make the bag stand out from all the other ones I’d seen but the price puts me off just a little. I’m looking for a more of a delicate thinner leather strap though.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $228 CDN from Holt Renfrew

The classic Q nugget is much more practical but and reasonably priced but it’s a tad plain for my taste and just a smidge small. But if I had to put my necessities in there, I probably could.

Michael Kors, $128 USD from

Much more reasonably priced is the “charlton” bag. But I am not loving the flap with the little holes which my lip gloss could easily slip right out of. I know, not likely, but I think about these things. I like the pretty colour though. Also comes in fuschia, snake skin and other colours.
Alice in Wonderland 3D

Alice in Wonderland 3D

Shorten the hemline about 3 inches and I would wear it for my birthday. This is the dress that the Mad Hatter (played brilliantly by Johnny Depp) made for Alice after shrinking her and throwing her in the tea pot.