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My Very First Black Friday

I wanted to post about my Deborah Lippman nail polish but in the midst of the move, it got misplaced. It is currently in a box in the garage amongst about 30 other boxes, which I have no desire to look through a week and a half before my final exam at school.

I figured that instead of my nail polish review, Black Friday would be much more fun to blog about. The nail polish will always be there!

I decided about a month and a half ago that I would take a day off from work and make the trek across the border to do some Black Friday deal hunting with some others. We had no idea what to expect since none of us had ever experienced it in person. Of course, we’d heard some horror stories about an employee getting trampled at Walmart last year but surely, that was not the fate of most.

We left on our adventure at about 8:30pm on Thursday night, November 24th. Most stores at Seattle Premium Outlets were planned to open at midnight so we thought had quite a bit of time. The border wait actually breezed by quickly with only a 20 minute wait. We were within sight of Seattle Premium Outlets by 10:45pm. By that time, all the parking lots of the outlets were FULL! We had to park in the “overflow” lots in the Tulalip Casinos. They happen to be a maze without any clear marking of where you were parking. No number or letters to distinguish one lot from another, a maze designed to keep you in the casino forever! This is coming from a person who has spent about 45 minutes looking for their car in that very lot.

Enough of the specifics, here are my goods from Seattle Premium (all prices shown are before taxes):

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I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I’m experiencing writer’s block… I have so many drafts of posts saved but I don’t feel like any of them are good enough to publish. I can just picture myself crumpling up balls of paper and throwing them in the recycling bin. I just haven’t felt inspired to write or post. Forgive me. I will soon. ❤

Another New Toy!

I received a late Christmas present last week that got delayed while being sent from the States that I’m so excited about.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I went through quite a lot to get my Toy Watch.  Well, I got ANOTHER ToyWatch!  My friend had seen how much I wanted to get one before Christmas and ordered one but it didn’t arrive on time.  Now, I have two. 🙂

It’s a Neon Plasteramic ToyWatch in Ultra Violet.  It’s the same one that Michelle Obama has in this picture:

I love it!  Thanks Timmy!

Limited Edition Sephora by OPI Metro Chic in matte

metro chic

i went to the Sephora last friday looking for the regular metro chic that Sephora by OPI made. the colour received rave reviews on youtube and my girlfriend told me that i had to try it. it looked like a nice fall colour, it being kind of mauve-y, purple, smoky grey. i was pleasantly surprised to find that the much loved metro chic colour came in matte. i had seen matte nail colours at aritzia in the past week for a whopping $22 CDN a bottle. so $12 a bottle really felt like a bargain for matte nail polish. it was the last bottle on the shelf and i hurried home to remove all traces of OPI Siberian nights purple with white polka dots off my nails and tried the metro chic in matte while seated in front of the television.

Sephora recommends that you do NOT use a base coat or top coat for best results. i really liked the thin brush that Sephora by OPI offers as opposed to the thick brush that the regular OPI has. it is similar to the China Glaze nail colours that i’ve tried. it dried pretty quickly and you could easily tell when it was dry because it looked matte. i was skeptical of it’s “chip-resistant”-ness because i didn’t use a base or top coat. my nail colour has surprisingly stayed intact for about 4 or 5 days. a satisfactory amount of time for no top or base coat. The colour suits fairer skin tones better than my asian skin but I think it still looked good on me.  However, after much touching of my face and applying of hand lotion, it’s turned a bit shiny on the surface. 

my girlfriend is hosting a girls’ night soon and i wonder how much the girls will like this colour when i bring over all my OPI’s. 🙂


yes… i’ve been kind of on a hiatus lately. i have a little bit of blogger’s block and finals are here. so i’ve been writing papers and reading. will be back soon… if i’m procrastinating or finals are over.

good luck to everyone else who has finals!