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My Very First Black Friday

I wanted to post about my Deborah Lippman nail polish but in the midst of the move, it got misplaced. It is currently in a box in the garage amongst about 30 other boxes, which I have no desire to look through a week and a half before my final exam at school.

I figured that instead of my nail polish review, Black Friday would be much more fun to blog about. The nail polish will always be there!

I decided about a month and a half ago that I would take a day off from work and make the trek across the border to do some Black Friday deal hunting with some others. We had no idea what to expect since none of us had ever experienced it in person. Of course, we’d heard some horror stories about an employee getting trampled at Walmart last year but surely, that was not the fate of most.

We left on our adventure at about 8:30pm on Thursday night, November 24th. Most stores at Seattle Premium Outlets were planned to open at midnight so we thought had quite a bit of time. The border wait actually breezed by quickly with only a 20 minute wait. We were within sight of Seattle Premium Outlets by 10:45pm. By that time, all the parking lots of the outlets were FULL! We had to park in the “overflow” lots in the Tulalip Casinos. They happen to be a maze without any clear marking of where you were parking. No number or letters to distinguish one lot from another, a maze designed to keep you in the casino forever! This is coming from a person who has spent about 45 minutes looking for their car in that very lot.

Enough of the specifics, here are my goods from Seattle Premium (all prices shown are before taxes):

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Petite Feet Sample Shoe Sale Update

I went to the petite feet sample shoe sale today with my good friends T and thekitchenslave. T convinced all of us to leave our house at 7:00 in the morning to arrive by 7:30. The sale was to open at 10:00 but doors actually opened around 8:45. We were about 20th in line and the weather was quite nice for waiting outside (as in not raining). The first 100 people in line received tickets for one free pair of $30 shoes.

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Petite Feet Sample Shoe Sale and Halloween

Remember the shoe sale I went to in the summer? It’s coming back with a vengance! And lots of boots!

So my friend T started researching them once she heard they were coming back. She found me a video of the Mississauga sale that just wrapped up in October and I had to share. The shoes look amazing. Hopefully we’ll have as good a selection as this woman from ilovewhatwomenwant got.

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Shopping Alert!

Can’t wait for my new Gold oxfords to arrive in the mail. They’re Steve Maddens bought off Hautelook and they’re also available in silver but not in my size. I’m already imagining what I’ll wear with them. They’re having a shoe blowout right now and the deals are pretty awesome.


BTW, Forever 21 has a free shipping coupon code right now with no minimum purchase until September 19th. The coupon code is MISSYOU10. Check out their fall clothes. So cute.

F As In Frank Alley Sale

Saturday was the first time I experienced the “Legendary” F As In Frank Alley Sale. I went in with no real expectations of what it was going to be like. Thankfully, it was sunny because the sale took place in the alley behind their store on Main Street. If you’re like me, with no experience going to these kinds of sales, pictures are worth a thousand words.

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Am I Work Appropriate Now?

For me, going to work in the morning is a little confusing when I’m not sure how the weather’s going to turn out. It can be cloudy in the morning and then scorching by the end of the day. This leaves me wondering, what the heck do I wear??

Blouse: vintage Edward Chapman, Scarf: vintage Chanel, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Nine West

So how did I solve the dilemma of what to wear? I wore the above to work in the morning since it was cloudy and then after work scrapped the cami I was wearing  underneath my blouse and changed into a pair of tailored shorts. I should have taken a picture but I had to run out and watch a friend’s outdoor volleyball game. Too bad I got eaten alive by mosquitoes that evening.

I recently started buying vintage clothing from a few stores in Vancouver that I love. One of them being Front & Company on Main Street. They carry new, samples, consignment, and vintage clothing, shoes, accessories. They have these amazing window displays that amaze me every time I go to the store. It’s a dangerous store to go into; I always find something I want in there. You can also consign your own clothing there and set up an account easily.

F As in Frank is also a store I love on Main Street. Their trunk full of scarves and wall of sunglasses intrigues me everytime. Super fun store with really helpful staff. They carry some really fun pieces that are reconstructed vintage fabrics. Vintage stores used to really intimidate me because I never really knew how to shop in them and always got overwhelmed but I’ve realized that most people working in vintages stores are super friendly and have really unique styles. It also takes a lot of patience. I’ve been to other vintage shops, but these two are my favourite so far.

I will be at their alley sale and it will be my first! Can’t wait! See you there!

Some tips for beginner vintage shoppers:

1. Take a friend. Even if you don’t find that perfect belt buckle or vintage purse, you’ll have lots of fun looking at style blasts from the past. Make sure your friend is patient. Bonus if they’ve shopped vintage before and share their favourite stores with you.

2. Make sure you try on what you’re going to buy. You may think you know your size but every brand will have different sizing. Even over time (or decades) these sizes may differ. If the item you like is a little too big, you can always have it altered. Also, be gentle when trying on vintage clothing. The older it is, the more fragile.

3. Remember to inspect what you’re buying for tears, wear, any stains. It’s not a new item, but unless it’s something you want desperately, you don’t want to spend more money having it repaired (if it’s even possible). And many stains have had lots of time to set in, so they probably can’t even be sandblasted out.

4. If you love it, buy it. Chances are, it won’t be there the next time you visit. It’s not like retail stores where you can just order another.

5. If you’re nervous or new to buying vintage clothing, try accessories first. They’re a fun way to incorporate vintage items into your wardrobe without taking a big risk.

6. Have fun! I’m new too! 🙂

Do you have any tips for a new vintage shopper? Or some favourite stores?

Petite Feet Shoe Sale

Like with every warehouse shoe sale that happens in Vancouver, I was pretty skeptical when I heard about the Petite Feet Shoe Sale.

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