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April 2012 Luxe Box from Loose Button

April’s Luxe Box actually arrived in May. Which is a little disappointing but my friend had warned me that Loose Button is usually late with the shipment of their boxes. I assume only people in the East actually got their boxes in April. I think it was a little later this time because of the confusion with their First in Line Program.

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March 2012 Luxe Box from Loose Button

My March Luxe Box from Loose Button came on Friday and I was happy to see it. It’s a small surprise every month. I participated in their “first in line” program and I thought that I had confirmed my reservation for the Cargo glittery top coat but I didn’t get it in my box. I was pretty disappointed that it didn’t come but c’est la vie!

My box this month came with 4 items. Without further ado, here are my items:

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Joe Fresh Fall Collection

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the Joe Fresh stand alone store that’s opening at 540 Granville Street on October 13th. With that being said, I’ve been checking out the newly expanded Joe Fresh section in the Superstore near my house and picking up something new everytime I go grocery shopping. “One package of blueberries, check. OoOoo… this navy striped sweater is cute too!”. When the new store opens, there will be 14,000 square feet of Joe Fresh goodness. Just from the fall collection, I’ve gotten myself a few pieces. It’s pretty hard to get my size in things I want because they sell so quickly.

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More Joe Fresh Nail Polish

I am really loving the formula of Joe Fresh polishes. They go on really smoothly and evenly and the bonus is that they are so reasonably priced ($4 each or 3 for $10). The only negative is that they never have the popular colours in stock. I think I’ve checked out the Joe Fresh section at Superstore everytime I’ve gone grocery shopping there for the last two months or so.

Colour: Sun Kissed

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Anti-Fashionable Weekends and Joe Fresh

The last weekend was a rainy disaster but the one before was positively lovely despite being rained out of our fireworks which were actually below mediocre. I’ve been really lazy and just not dressing up at all but I’ve really been taking the time to appreciate Vancouver for its best most wonderful season: summer. My weekend in pictures:

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Joe Fresh Nail Polish Review

I’m a little late to jump on the Joe Fresh train but I finally caved and bought a few bottles of their nail polish. I was skeptical when I read other blogs advertising Joe Fresh and talking about it being affordable and what not. My first thought was, “affordable yes, but what about the quality of it?” I’m not really ready to try the make up, but the nail polish, I’ll give it a shot.

If you’re not familiar, Joe Fresh is a line carried by the Real Canadian Superstore designed by Joseph Mimran. He’s also the behind the creations of Club Monaco, Alfred Sung, and Caban. Joe Fresh pledges to provide current styles at affordable prices.

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