Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Being on a shopping ban has left me with little to blog about and a lot of extra time on my hands. Thinking about next year and my upcoming vacation (destination: TOP SECRET) is getting me closer to December 26th. Actually, I’ve also started my Christmas shopping early and have crossed some big ticket items off my list and also, found some Christmas spirit. Let’s start with the ugly Christmas sweater:

I visited one of my favourite vintage stores, F as in Frank, and looked at their collection of festive ugly Christmas sweaters. This one made me look like a sales clerk at a craft store.

Okay, I kind of liked this one with all the poinsettias but I didn’t get it. I won’t show you the one I got yet. It is EPIC. Find a vintage ugly Christmas sweater for your upcoming ugly Christmas sweater party at F as in Frank.

It’s been snowing lately in Vancouver and it looked a little like Christmas outside, which means I had to take out these:

I’ve been going to work wearing my pretty Hello Kitty Chooka boots but on Thursday, I felt my left foot get cold. When I got home, I found out my sock was wet. I had to get new boots.

So I went out to Stone Ridge, Townshoes, Joneve, and Sterling Shoes to look for a worthy replacement pair of rubber boots. To my surprise, I found these bright pink beauties at Little Burgundy on Robson:

They’re lined with faux fur for extra warmth. These would make a great Christmas gift for someone special. I will miss you Hello Kitty! I don’t have the heart to throw them away.

While looking for my wonderful rain boots, T texted me to let me know that Jacob was having a little black friday weekend sale. 40% off the last ticketed price on everything in their store.

No, I didn’t get clothes. I only stocked up on my favourite unmentionables from Jacob Lingerie. The only place I buy panties.

And lastly, I’ve been doing a LOT of knitting. This is my new purple sweater. Well, it’s the beginning of a new sweater. I also have a few scarves in the works. Maybe if you’re good, you’ll receive one of my woolly presents. My focus is giving gifts to all the ones I love and giving fewer gifts to myself.

How are you getting into the holiday spirit??

  1. Just watched 500 santas start their 5k run, so feeling quite Christmassy thanks 🙂
    The jumper is truly epic, the fur lined wellies deeply desirable. I don’t often have time to shop for myself with two kids, and this was a lovely treat – thanks!

    • ol’led timer
    • November 28th, 2010

    I think the sweater needs some lights to make it truly christmasy

  2. In the future, I’ll be wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and selling my handmade cards at craft fairs 🙂

    PS: I love your new rain boots!

    • C
    • December 1st, 2010

    I actually tink the poinsettias sweater isn’t too bad and cute rain boots. I have Hunter ones and they’re turning white :S

    See you Sunday. I plan to drive, let me know if you want a ride. And maybe we can go to a couple vintage stores afterwards?

  3. I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect festive sweater with no luck so far. I need to go vintage too! Looking forward to seeing this EPIC sweater of yours!

    • C
    • February 1st, 2011

    When are you going to post again?

  4. Time to update=) I wanna read more!!

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