My Epiphany and New Shoes… *sigh*

I realized after deciding to go to Urban Outfitters that it was a bad idea. The more I go to shops, the more I want to buy. It is a problem, yes. As I stood in front of a pile of green silky cardigans, I clutched a black box and in that box was a pair of shoes. I realized then, that I have absolutely no self control when I am shopping.

As I stood there deciding whether or not to buy them, I wanted to have the strength to put them down and walk away. It was simple. Well, I thought it was, but I just couldn’t. Then I decided, I’ll buy them and try them on with a few outfits and I’ll decide later whether or not to keep them. I knew in my mind that this was a trap, I’ll probably most definitely just keep them.

I brought them home, still apprehensive and feeling a little out of control and tried them on. I’m still undecided. They are pretty comfortable but kind of trendy. I’m not sure if I’ll even wear them next year but they were only $78.00 which seemed reasonable until they added tax and they came to almost $90.

The heel didn’t seem that high when I tried them on but I looked on the Urban Outfitters website and they’re actually 3.75 inches. A little high for me to want to wear them often, but not too uncomfortable to wear to work.

They’re probably closer in colour to the stock photo on the website. I originally wanted these shoes from Aldo, but they’re a little more expensive and a lot harder to put on.

These ones are real leather as opposed to the polyurethane UO ones but cost $120. Plus it took me almost 5-7 minutes to actually put them on and lace them properly. This would definitely affect how often I would actually wear them. But I do like the fact that you can fold them down.

To keep or return??

Oh yeah, back to my epiphany. I realized after walking out of Urban Outfitters that I buy a lot of crap and waste a lot of money on things I don’t need, including these shoes. Which can only mean that I’m embarking on another shopping ban. In order to buy gifts at Christmas and go on vacation next year, I must learn some control.

The rules?

  • No clothing or shoes. Absolutely no more jackets. (I have a weakness for jackets)
  • I am only allowed to buy necessities. For example, I need a new pair of black leggings and a pair of black tights.
  • I will allow myself to purchase one new scarf (or the yarn to knit one) or a few accesories under $20.
  • I will allow myself to buy two pieces of clothing on my trip to Seattle in November up to a maximum value of $120.
  • Boxing day is when my shopping ban will end.
  • I will learn some self control.
  • I will not shop in secret. I am only cheating myself.
  • I will pay off my massive student loan (within the next five years) without the help of my parents.

Some tips?

  • Ask myself, do I need this, each and everytime I have the urge to buy something.
  • Think about whether I have something similar already. (I usually do)
  • Do not shop by myself. This will end badly with secret shopping.
  • Ask friends to help. Help me! Slap me on the wrist if I break my rules!
  • Walk away and think about the purchase. If I do indeed need the item, then go back and buy.

Any tips for me? Should I keep the shoes? Are you participating on a shopping ban? Let’s not shop together!

  1. Those shoes are cute, but you should probably return them if you don’t think you’ll wear them a lot. I just bought a pair of boots that I wasn’t too sure about but I wanted to see how they looked with my clothes too. I kind of wish I hadn’t bought them and spent a little more on something I really wanted. I find the best way not to buy things I don’t need is if I see something I like, I won’t buy it then but tell myself I’ll come back if I really want it. Usually I don’t.

    • maybegirl
    • October 22nd, 2010

    I like your tip! I’m going to add that to my list. Thanks!

  2. I like the folds on the Aldo shoes. Try some different outfits for those shoes. Update us! 🙂

    And add oil to your shopping ban!

    • XY
    • October 25th, 2010

    I love the tips section on controlling impulse buying, something that a lot of us younger people could use a lesson in.

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