Joe Fresh Fall Collection

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the Joe Fresh stand alone store that’s opening at 540 Granville Street on October 13th. With that being said, I’ve been checking out the newly expanded Joe Fresh section in the Superstore near my house and picking up something new everytime I go grocery shopping. “One package of blueberries, check. OoOoo… this navy striped sweater is cute too!”. When the new store opens, there will be 14,000 square feet of Joe Fresh goodness. Just from the fall collection, I’ve gotten myself a few pieces. It’s pretty hard to get my size in things I want because they sell so quickly.

Striped navy sweater, $24 (also available in grey)

Cute little buttons on the shoulder. I spotted a similar Wilfred sweater at Aritzia for about three times the price of the Joe Fresh one. Although the one from Joe Fresh is thicker and a coarses material. But you can’t go wrong at that price.

Cozy knit sweater, $19 (also available in navy, purple). Super comfortable and easy to throw over anything. I leave it at work for those chilly afternoons.

Military parka, $49 (with removable fur on hood)

A great jacket for the fall. My favourite purchase from the fall collection but haven’t worn yet. The fuzzies on the inside make it quite warm. I’m looking forward to wearing this in cooler fall weather.

I really want to try their new fall colours like storm, fog, and orchid but the Superstores can never seem to keep them in stock. Please stock more of your fall collection colours! I’d like to swatch them. 🙂

I really like what I’m seeing from Joe Fresh. The price point is good and affordable and the clothing seems to be pretty good quality for the price. The fall nail colours look nice on the website, but I’ll have to try them for myself. That is, if I can get my hands on them.

Personal Picture of the Post:

I was picked as the Customer of the Week in a random draw of the regular customers at the Starbucks near my work. It was the best! I got a free tall beverage every day that week! Made my day when I saw my name on their chalk board. 🙂

  1. Cutest photo ever of you at Starbucks! So fun to have won that. And seriously – what did we wear before Joe Fresh came along? Love the new purchases!

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