My Trip to Value Village

The only other times I’ve been inside Value Village was around Halloween while looking for costumes. Looking for everyday clothing is quite the different story. One has to be in the right mind-set and be mentally prepared for being overwhelmed by a lot of unappealing clothing to find a few gems.

NoodleKaboodle and I went to Value Village today hoping to find something totally unique. The first thing I always notice is the slightly musty smell when I enter the store. I guess I usually get used to it within 5 minutes. Pictured above, a 100% rabbit fur jacket. It was one of the first things I noticed. In fact, there were two in the store almost exactly the same, the other with more of a lapel and slightly worse condition. This jacket (pictured above) was in immaculate condition. Too bad it was a medium. Bargain price of $44.99. I figured I didn’t need another fur jacket when I still hadn’t figured out what to wear with the other one. *sigh*


I know, this jacket looks really matronly. But I just really liked the heart shaped buttons.

I really liked this shirt. But it was unfortunately a large and even cinched with a belt, looked way too big on me. The beading on the chest was actually really unique looking.

And lastly, NoodleKaboodle’s find that she ended up buying. I was the one the picked it out off the rack and then suggested she try it on. She was skeptical of course. But she liked it. She’ll probably take out the shoulder pads. And the bow is removable. This shirt has a lot of potential! 🙂

I had lots of fun shopping with NK! Thanks for coming with me. Alas, I came out empty-handed but I’m glad NK bought something cute.

And just because I probably eat too much for my own good, here’s some food porn:

Yes, I had every intention of eating that entire dish of shaved ice. On top of it, there’s condensed milk, grass jelly, strawberry jam with pulp, rice balls, and pudding. It was delicious and I had trouble eating it all. But I would do it again. I’m starting to drool as I’m writing this. *slurp* 🙂

  1. That last shirt is so perfect!!!

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