F As In Frank Alley Sale

Saturday was the first time I experienced the “Legendary” F As In Frank Alley Sale. I went in with no real expectations of what it was going to be like. Thankfully, it was sunny because the sale took place in the alley behind their store on Main Street. If you’re like me, with no experience going to these kinds of sales, pictures are worth a thousand words.

I arrived close to 11:00 in the morning when the sale started and there were about 50 people in line just starting to enter the sale. I was shocked that there were so many people willing to line up for the sale. I also didn’t realize that you could bring your own bag to the sale and pay $10 for a bigger bag. The bag they provided was about 40cm x 25cm, a reasonable but slightly small bag. Most people at the front of the line had brought their own bags. The line up didn’t take too long to get in. Maybe about 10 minutes.

People were everywhere. I could barely walk. I was completely overwhelmed by all the clothes around me. I couldn’t tell what was good or bad or how it would look on me because I couldn’t find a mirror. I didn’t follow my own advice to bring a friend. My friends were busy and couldn’t come with me so I decided to brave the sale by myself.

At one point, an F As In Frank worker was on the roof throwing clothes down and people were racing to grab. There were a few vintage dresses that I picked up and put down (and then they were immediately picked up by someone else) that were quite pretty. I just didn’t know if I would wear them. Although at $10, I should have just stuffed them in my bag and thought about them later. I sort of regret that. One thing I wanted (and saw other people have in their hands) was a vintage cowichan sweater. One of them had rained from the roof and I had seen one girl holding one while in line.

This is the view from outside the sale after the line up had died down and lots of the good stuff was gone. I saw some people have some really funky leather jackets and pilot jackets. Some faux fur vests and coats, lots of vintage t-shirts and some leather pants. It was insanity packed behind a store. I wished I had a whistle like on Friends when Rachel went wedding dress sample sale shopping with Monica.

Free hotdogs and burgers were served at lunch time outside the sale. 30% off was also offered to everyone shopping in-store if the alley sale was really your taste. Wondering what I left with yet? Well, I had already paid the $10 for the bag.

One coat

And one sweater

I liked the speckles in the sweater and the cable-knit. I had trouble going through the piles. Instead, I stalked people and took their cast-offs after they decided they didn’t want something. Like this sweater. Although, I found the coat on my own.

Verdict? I would go again. With a friend. There’s potential to find some really great deals but I was just too overwhelmed and would’ve put almost anything in my bag to get out of the sale. I obviously couldn’t leave empty handed. One more tip? Cash only. 🙂

What do you think? Did I waste my time? Did you attend? What’s your very best vintage find?

Also, what the heck should I wear with that coat? I really need suggestions on that one.

  1. I can definitely see how a friend would help in this situation. It looks crazy! I love how clothes are just sprawled out everywhere. Great finds too.

  2. what an adventure for you 🙂 i like the sweater!

  3. Can’t wait to see what you wear with the jacket.

  4. Sounds like it might be overwhelming for claustrophobic lil’ old me, but you found some good items!

  5. Holy crap! Looks like a fantastically fun time…but I’d definitley need a friend too! Great buys!

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