Pinkies Up, Ladies!

My friend A hosted a little tea party in her fiance’s backyard and we were all invited to bring something to share. I can’t cook or bake (without the help of S) so I cut some strawberries and bought some tea biscuits and TimTams.

Aren't we classy??

Pinkies up!

We had lots of fun ranting about working and discussing A’s future wedding plans. The food was delicious and Y’s baby stole the show. I met the most well behaved baby and she charmed us all. We were sweating like… I mean, glowing *ahem*. I’m definitely not complaining about the sun that’s suddenly come out to play. But I was a little jealous when the baby got to take all her clothes off and run around in just her diaper. 🙂

"I'm ready for my close-up". Costume #2 of 3: A dress from Thailand

 The baby made me think about when I have kids of my own. I want my babies to be just like her. She only almost cried once in the 5 hours that I was there.

Tea party outfit:

Bustier top: Wilfred, Lace Skirt: Forever21, T-strap sandals: Nine West, Headband: Forever21

I love these T-strap sandals from Nine West. Super comfortable with a nice small heel. Perfect for work!

I love bows! I’m pretty terrible at accessorizing so the bow headband was about as far as I usually go with accessories.

S baked a cake for this occasion. I’m sure she’ll show us her cake decorating skills on her blog soon!

  1. Super cute outfit!

    I just posted my version of the tea party! The food version 😉

    • August 15th, 2010

    oooh nice pictures, the bows a nice touch!

  2. I love bows too! And tea parties. And tim tams too!

  3. Oh, the shoes and the bow are perfect for a tea party!

    • Armistice
    • August 25th, 2010

    Wonderful tea party! your outfit is so fitting for one!

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