More Joe Fresh Nail Polish

I am really loving the formula of Joe Fresh polishes. They go on really smoothly and evenly and the bonus is that they are so reasonably priced ($4 each or 3 for $10). The only negative is that they never have the popular colours in stock. I think I’ve checked out the Joe Fresh section at Superstore everytime I’ve gone grocery shopping there for the last two months or so.

Colour: Sun Kissed

I actually wanted a darker gold colour but this is nice for a pale gold. The great thing about this colour is you don’t have to be particularly good at staying in the lines. This one is definitely a three-coater if you want the colour to look true. It’s a nice colour for the summer with your tan and it matches everything. Another nice gold that is darker is the Sephora for OPI Charge it! The colour is a little richer than the Joe Fresh one and a little more yellow.

Colour: Nude

Nude is really easy to paint on. The colour is really rich and is easily opaque with two coats but I still did three coats just to make sure I covered everything. It’s a pretty dusty rose colour that compliments my asian skin colour. I would wear this if I had a business casual event; it’s a little mature for me but I loved painting my nails with this.

That’s all for now with the Joe Fresh nail polish. I’m not sure if readers like the nail polish reviews but I had fun spending an evening swatching these for you. The Joe Fresh stand alone store should be opening soon. They have a rumoured opening of some time in September. I can’t wait to see what they have in store. They are supposed to carry clothing pieces that they don’t carry in the Superstore. Hopefully they carry the nail polish and stock their colours more often than Superstore does.

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  1. I really should check out Joe Fresh makeup!

    Btw, I got so excited reading your post about I Found Gallery and was sooo sad to discover it’s not in Toronto. *sigh* Shopping online with them will just have to do I suppose!

  2. The more you post about Joe Fresh nail polishes, the more I want them! I hope they will restock soon 🙂 I will enjoy your pictures for now! …or perhaps borrow some from you 😉

    • Juno beach
    • August 10th, 2010

    I’ve always wondered how they determine the shade of colour for “nude”

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