Anti-Fashionable Weekends and Joe Fresh

The last weekend was a rainy disaster but the one before was positively lovely despite being rained out of our fireworks which were actually below mediocre. I’ve been really lazy and just not dressing up at all but I’ve really been taking the time to appreciate Vancouver for its best most wonderful season: summer. My weekend in pictures:

S and I decided to attempt to bake a lemon sandwich cookie. Little did we know, it was a lemon shortbread sandwich cookie. The difference in the two is that had we known it was a shortbread, we wouldn’t have baked it. 4 hours later, the cookies were finished and so were we… as in we were exhausted.

thekitchenslave decided to organize an accessories/bag swap. It ended up being a free-for-all grab for what you wanted. I ended up with Smashbox photofinish primer, Bath and Body Works hand lotion, and a new OPI mini nail polish (all from a good friend, V. Thanks!). A great way to get rid of what you don’t need (in my case, a handful of nail polishes I haven’t touched in a while) and get some new things too. Like someone says, one woman’s trash, another woman’s treasure… or something like that.

We had our beach mats and playing cards ready and headed to English Bay for the Celebration of Light. We were highly disappointed by rain and mediocre fireworks. Like my outfit? Is it overly tacky? I bought the t-shirt in Las Vegas and it was airbrushed by an artist on Fremont Street. I thought it was the coolest thing! Catch my name? 🙂

Powell Street Festival is an annual celebration of all things Japanese. Filled with amazing local Japanese craft vendors, S and I were amazed at the talent in Vancouver. We were in awe of all the handmade handbags, jewellery, cards, and much more. S also ran the children’s tent the next day with her SFU Origami club volunteers. Check out her re-cap. Many ladies were dressed up in yukatas (summer kimono) and looked so pretty!

I hate it when people use the phrase family obligations. I never think of my family as an obligation. It was my cousin’s birthday last weekend. Can you tell what his name is? My Chinese aunty spelled his name to the bakery like this. :S

It was the first time I’d ever seen the Vancouver Pride Parade and it was amazing! Great weather and great costumes (or lack of… lol!). I totally recommend it. Except for the naked man walking around with a globe. Shame on you. There were children around! I felt underdressed (or overdressed?) but it was a Sunday morning.

One of my favourite things to do? Shop with S. We love going to Winners and trying on the most ridiculous shoes we can find including these $200 L.A.M.B. shoes that were 6 inches tall. T thinks they’re sexy but I don’t think I’d look very sexy falling on my face… :S

And finally, the Joe Fresh Review:

Colour name: Butter

This colour was a little pale for me. If you are looking for a pale yellow, this formula is pretty nice. Pastels tend to be pretty thin so I needed three coats for it to be opaque. One thing that helps pastel colours go on evenly is a smooth nail bed. I, like many people, have vertical ridges in my nails and to get rid of them, I buff them out with my handy $3 nail file from Superstore:

Having a smooth nail bed will help all polishes go on more easily and smoothly and leave fewer streaks in the nail polish. This one is inexpensive and works! Thanks to NoodleKaboodle for the recommendation!

Where’s the rest of the Joe Fresh polishes? Here’s the first one and the next one will be posted tomorrow. And I’ll also be posting the OPI mini I showed in this post in the next few days. Sorry I took so long with the pictures. I had taken pictures but I wasn’t happy with them and redid them with my new studio. 🙂

Well, my mini studio and my trusty Canon T2i.

  1. Did you watch the video on how they make the lemon sandwich (shortbread) cookies?! It looked so easy to make..they tricked us! haha :O

    The L.A.M.B heels look higher in person…it was nice to feel tall for a few seconds 🙂

  2. It was sooo fun to have the swap! We have to do it again soon! Love your fireworks outfit ;). I have the same yellow pastel colour too but I thought it looked terrible on me!

    • Project Manhanttan
    • August 10th, 2010

    I’m totally digging that photograph booth! and I think your vegas clothing is quite fashionable!

    • Noodle Kaboodle
    • August 12th, 2010

    Yes, honorable mention 🙂

    I like the butter color, it looks pretty. Anywho, hope you’re having a good week, talk soon?

  1. August 10th, 2010

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