Ladies’ Crafting and Vintage Shopping Day, BEACH and NEWS!

Since posting about I Found Gallery a few weeks ago, there has been many outcries from friends asking me and S to take them to this store. Everyone wants their own necklace! So the ladies S, T, L (first mention), C and thekitchenslave headed down to Main Street where we could craft  our little hearts out.

As we stepped into the store, we were floored by how warm it was inside and were greeted by small hand held fans to use while shopping. Those were handy. Trying to help the girls pick out their trinkets as well as my own was difficult but fun (and hot!).

Here’s all the things we purchased. S is the only one to make a silver necklace.

All my materials for my necklace. Including 3 feet of gold chain, jump rings, two fish, two sailboat coins, two stars, and an anchor.

Our new crafty friends are working hard and getting frustrated but having so much fun!

L’s beautiful necklace. It has a story behind it about her dad. I thought that was so sweet.

T’s necklace. Love the long feather!

S’s new Hello Kitty necklace which she made from an earring that she took apart. The little bows are so cute! See her blog for more pictures.

My nautical themed necklace. I love the intricacy of the design on the anchor!

Here I am wearing it. It is a tad long so I will be shortening it a bit.

And lastly, thekitchenslave’s necklace. She didn’t make hers with us, but it is so pretty. It is SO her.

There was one more necklace but C didn’t send me a picture to post. Maybe she’ll post it on her blog or send me one to post. 🙂

After I Found Gallery, I made the mistake of walking into Front & Company also on Main Street. All was well and fine until I stopped in front of the glass display they keep their vintage handbags in. I walked out with this:

A very cute vintage crossbody Gucci from the Accessory collection in the late 1980’s. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I’m so looking forward to it. It would go very well with the skirt S helped me order from Forever 21. Thank you! 🙂

Oh yes, and just for fun here’s a pic of me and S at the beach. The weather’s been gorgeous in Vancouver!

I’ve been getting complaints about my Joe Fresh Nail Polish review from my friends and so there will be a part two coming up soon. Stay tuned! It should be up sometime this weekend.

Further news! I opened an email account for this blog and I LOVE receiving emails so please email me. I can’t wait to hear from all of you (all two of you, j/k! There must be three!). My email is maybegirl (at) hotmail (dot) ca . Requests for reviews or suggestions or even critique, I want to hear it all! 🙂

  1. That was a good weekend! I got some complaints on my Hello Kitty necklace:P

    After you last post, I’ve been searching for some Joe Fresh Nail Polish. I went to TWO different locations, but they were gone! D: I hope they will restock soon….I think you got me addicted to nail polish! 🙂

  2. I really like the necklace you made – the nautical theme works so well for accessories. Also, I have a very similar Gucci purse from the 80s – definitely from the same collection. It was my mom’s and I found it buried at the back of her closet!

  3. I’m even more irked now that we don’t have a store here like I Found Gallery. The variety looks spectacular and I love all the charms and chains you guys got for customized jewelry. The end results look so professional…I think L’s is my fave and even better that there’s a story behind it : )

    • C
    • July 19th, 2010

    I made my necklace but with none of the things I got that day.

    I sent a picture to S.

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