Petite Feet Shoe Sale

Like with every warehouse shoe sale that happens in Vancouver, I was pretty skeptical when I heard about the Petite Feet Shoe Sale.

I’d first gotten the invitation through email from ILoveSampleSales and I kind of disregarded it considering past shoes sales hosted at PNE were painfully disappointing. This one was on my day-off and I wasn’t sure I wanted to wake up early to line up but my friend (let’s call her T) sounded quite sure that the selection would be good so I decided to leave at 6:30am to be part of the 100 people getting free shoes on VIP day. When we arrived, three other people were in line. One of which was way too chipper and talking about yearbooks (a little too loud).

Well, the line started to grow about half an hour later and by about 8:20, there were way more than 100 people in line. And lucky for us, they opened the doors early at 8:40! They let in 100 people first and took our names down for the free shoes. It was a tad unorganized because at first, they just let people in and forgot about the free shoes. That’s when they started writing down names on a list. I had my basket in hand and proceeded to look around the 7.5 racks. There was a lot of selection for 7’s, 7.5’s, and 8’s. There was a decent selection for 6’s, 8.5’s, 9’s, and a few for 10’s. I’m not sure why, but there was only one rack for 6.5 (which was disappointing for S but she looked at 6 and 7 for shoes). The 4’s and 5’s shared one rack and they were gone within 5 minutes of being put out.

I had the mentality that I would grab everything that looked remotely nice in my size but my basket was full in no time. It was so heavy that I had to hold it with two hands like I was carrying a baby. What usually happens at these warehouse sales is they barely have most of the brands listed on their flyer but there were so many shoes from Franco Sarto, Jessica Simpson, Fergie, BCBG Generation, KensieGirl, and all the other brands. There were a few brands I didn’t recognize but even their shoes were pretty nice. I couldn’t believe that shoes were spilling out of my basket.  

These were our ‘yes’ baskets. I could not believe how many shoes we liked. I walked out with 4 pairs on the first day, with one of them free and $10 off another. It was ridiculous how many shoes we liked and had to nix so that we didn’t buy too many. S got a pair of killer booties (for free, pictured above) and I had terrible shoe envy.

Day Two (Yes, there is a day two to this)

This was the line up around 6:45am. There were over 200 people there to get a free pair of shoes. We left the house at 5:30am (thanks to T’s mom!) and was already about 50th in line. I was slightly hungover from my cousin’s birthday but I was still willing to wake up at 5:00am for free shoes. No strings attached, if you were part of the first 200 people in line, you got a free pair of shoes. So me, S, T, and T’s mom got up for just that. Four ladies there for four free pairs of shoes. We spent not one penny.

The selection on day 2 was not as good as VIP day obviously, but we still each found a basket of shoes to try on. Many of them were shoes that we had discarded the day before. But I found one gem:

Franco Sarto

Shoes from day 1:

Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto

BCBG Generation

My haul:

Most of the shoes I bought are current season. I’ve found most of the Franco Sarto ones on their website on regular price so they are definitely worth it. The prices were $50 sandals, $60 shoes, $70 booties, $80 and $100 boots (depending on if they are leather or over-the-knee). With our two free pairs and $10 off, I would say I got a deal. Plus, the cashier accidentally charged me $0.60 instead of $60 for my pair of shoes, so it’s like I got 3 pairs for free! 🙂

They have announced at the sale that they will be doing two sales a year at Vancouver. We will see if that happens but if they come back, I will definitely be there for it.

  1. The pair of Franco Sarto you got for free on Day 2 is my favourite one!

    I love our new shoes! I think my mom wore her new flats today! I can’t wait to wear mine! 🙂

  2. I’m blogging.


  3. Wow – what fun! I always get Petite Feet sale notifications in Toronto, but always disregard them too. I think I’ll have to check it out the next time they’re here! Great buys!

    • Chad Kroeger
    • July 6th, 2010

    You’re such a shoe expert, the black leather ones look cool and kin…

    you must be making 6 figures working three days a week.

  4. I would die of happiness if we had a shoe sample sale like this. The prices seem a bit high as I rarely pay over $50 for shoes, but I would’ve definitely been one of the first in line for the free pair. My favorite from your haul are the day 2 wedges and the black sandals from day 1 … and gosh those two toned booties your friend got are gorgeous!

    How awesome that you got charged .60 cents for a $60 pair…that would’ve made my week : )

  5. Wow! nice… 60cents for a pair of shoes.. wish that happened to me when I went!!! But I managed to bargain for a 25$ discount… LOL X_X

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