I’d love for you to adorn my neck…

I think I love vintage watch faces…

For my new necklace, I had to have another watch face. I come to I Found Gallery and naturally gravitate to the beautiful vintage watch faces. Something about watches reminds me that someone with a history wore this watch years and years ago. And they always seem to remind me of my grandpa.

Add about 6 feet of gold plated chain.

Plus a feather and a pear-shaped bead. (Okay, it’s not really pear-shaped but I like to think so)

And lastly, one vine-y pendant that S and I have been eyeing for many visits.

Here’s my end product:

I wasn’t quite happy with the lighting of that picture. So here is my necklace on me:

After building my necklace last night, I left all my things out until this morning when I heard my cousin was coming over (who is 4 and loves all pretty things). I hurriedly threw my necklace into my organizing box (for my tools and jump rings). I opened it later today to take some pictures to find that my necklace was tangled. I was almost to tears after half an hour of unsuccessful untangling and patience. Another 20 minutes later, some light was shed and I almost untangled it. Lesson learned: NEVER THROW DELICATE JEWELLERY IN A BOX!

I built a few other fun pieces. One is a vintage Mickey Mouse pendant I put on a medium weight silver chain:

Another is one that a (male) friend asked me to build for him. He seems to like keys so I picked out a more masculine looking vintage key on a heavier square-ish chain:

I love horoscope signs, so I also bought one already made vintage necklace:

I had the pleasure of going to Granville Island for a friend’s birthday and decided on a nautical outfit. Mmm… I had yummy food!  Thanks S for taking my picture!

Blazer: Zara, Top: Forever21, Fedora: Talula, Shorts: Talula, Shoes: Townshoes

Here’s a fun picture we took:

BTW, I want C’s oxford style flats! 🙂

Visit S’s craft blog, a litre of sunshine for pictures of her new necklace!

    • C
    • June 28th, 2010

    Loving the vintage watch face.
    I think I’m going to venture to I Found Gallery and get creative also.

    Ohhh guess what? I think I’m going to start a blog 🙂

    I got the oxford flats from UO two years ago, so I don’t think you’ll find them anymore.

  1. Beautiful neckaces! I’m glad one of us bought that pendant 🙂

    I love taking pictures, so let me know if you want me to take more pictures of you and your outfits! I’d love to see what you’re wearing!

    I’ll post pictures of my necklaces soon…I have to work on my assignment that’s due on wednesday 😦

    • Eminem ft. Lil Wayne
    • July 6th, 2010

    those necklaces look really cool, that silver key one is totally gangstaaaa

  2. I love the necklace you made – it’s gorgeous. I absolutely love love love the vintage watch face.

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