I’ve been very bad…

After my whole month and a half of no shopping, I fell off my wagon and gave in to my inner shopping demons. I went to the mall under the precedent that I was running “Vegas errands”.  In all honesty, I was running errands. I dropped off some shoes to get fixed and dropped off some dry cleaning. I bought some lashes for those nights out. Somewhere in between the cracks, I lost control.

Clockwise from top left: Tribal print dress from American Eagle Outfitters, floral bustier top from Aritzia, Ardell lashes from Shoppers Drug Mart, denim jacket from Zara, bow hair clips from XXI, Conair curling iron from Superstore

S bought these amazing looking shoes from Aldo yesterday and I had major shoe jealousy. Ugh, they looked so good on her.

Furthermore, here’s what I bought from Forever21 online:  

Surprisingly enough, everything I ordered from Forever21 online fit perfectly. Maybe I’m surprised because everytime I go to XXI in the mall, I’m overwhelmed and too impatient to find anything. And then, am disappointed. I will stick to ordering online, there are far fewer teenage girls to fight with me for a fitting room. I’m in love with the pale blue blouse. It’s perfect for work. And also perfect for high tea at Secret Garden Tea Company:

I know I said I would post pictures of my new (I Found) necklace but I’m not satisfied with how it looks and want to change it. I may not have time until I come back from Vegas, but some of my friends want to make necklaces too! It makes me excited to share my hobbies. 🙂

    • pompom
    • June 6th, 2010

    I think I’ve seen that secret garden tea company on W, boulevard, it’s super small but this post makes me want to check it out!

    • C
    • June 6th, 2010

    You did go a little crazy, but good buys all around.
    I don’t think I’ll talk to you guys before your vacation, so I hope you have a safe flight and have LOADS of fun. See you when you get back!

  1. that dress looks really good on you! are you bring it to Vegas? (wooooo almost there!!!)

    ps: thanks for shoe shopping with me ❤

  2. Great finds at F 21! I can never find anything in-store, and don’t want to spend $75 to get free ship online. I had that peachy-orange eyelet dress in my cart too – I bet it looks great for summer!

  3. Oh dear, I guess the shopping ban is over, eh? …It’s so easy to fall ff the wagon. And the tea room looks lovely. And your outfit is very pretty, perfect for an afternoon tea!

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