We Found I Found Gallery

It all started with a hunt for this:

This is a envelope locket that we saw at the Got Craft fair we attended on May 2nd. We both liked it a lot but couldn’t find the heart to pay so much for it. I found this on the I Found Gallery online store so we decided to go to their store on Main to see if we could find it. We found so much more than just that locket. We didn’t even end up buying it! We spent 2.5 hours browsing through all the vintage but never used pendants, chains, stones, clasps, bracelets, buttons, even vintage clothes, bags and rugs. S and I were overwhelmed by how many beautiful things were in this store and our stomaches were grumbling so loud since we didn’t have breakfast. We walked away with DIY necklaces.

I went through the entire store picking out different pieces I wanted on my necklace starting with the main piece which is my watch and then building around it.

I didn’t have the right tools to put my necklace together so I picked up a plier set from Canadian Tire.

The tools came in handy when we were using the jump rings to put everything together.

S is working hard to put together her necklace after realizing she bought one too few jump rings. Luckily, I bought one extra. We must be soul mates!

After lots of blood and sweat and frustration with tiny chains, we finished our necklaces. It’s my first piece so please be kind.

My favourite part of the necklace is the vintage Bulova watch that still kind of runs. It runs on motions so if it’s shaken, the second hand moves.

S will be posting more pictures of her necklace on her blog. Hers has a vintage key. Visit her craft blog here to check out her beautiful handcrafted cards. I love receiving them! 🙂

I Found Gallery, 4578 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Visit I Found Gallery if you have an afternoon to kill. Prepare to spend a few hours in there! 🙂

  1. I like close up shot of your necklace! Lets find a day to go back 🙂 I want to make some more!
    Oh, Michaels sells charms, pendants, and other jewellery products. I kinda want to see what they have.

    • Dustayne B
    • May 25th, 2010

    i absolutely love that clock face!

  2. OH MY GOD Amy we have to go there again! I LOVE vintage jewellry!! Your necklaces are absolutely stunning. I’m so jealous! What a great find!

    • C
    • May 29th, 2010

    The buffing block from Superstore was $5 and it’s really good.

  3. OH my gosh. I wish we had a store like that here. I love the little parts you picked out and the chain on that necklace is perfect. The vintage Bulova watch is beyond darling. Very, very impressive for a first piece.

  4. Beautiful necklaces! I love diy jewelry. I just need to find the time to make them!


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