Hey Shorty! Give me back my shorts!

It snowed in Vancouver today and I’ve been thinking about this post for the last while because it’s been warm.  I guess you can never really predict Vancouver weather.  Every year, I start buying summer clothes in March because I just can’t wait.  Then all the clothes sit in my closet until at least May when it’s actually warm enough to wear them.  It’s not any different this year and I actually started last month.  All that means is the clothes sit in my closet longer.

My favourite summer clothing article is shorts!  The length of short is all over the place with so many different styles to choose from.  The biker short can now be worn under a tunic like the way Marc Jacobs has shown in the above picture.  Kind of like the legging of the summer.  Good for those weary of the super short shorts.  Like this one from ASOS:

I’m also loving the skirt-wannabe short called the culottes.  I like the look of short skirts but am always worried about a big gust of wind.  Not likely, I know but with these shorts, I get both the look and security that I won’t flash my panties to the world (also available at ASOS).

To dress up a pair of shorts, throw on a blazer.  And if it’s chilly, put some tights on under your shorts.  Club Monaco has a cute grey blazer perfect for spring/summer.

Oh!  The possibilities are endless with shorts!  I can’t wait to wear the ones I’ve bought already.  And I am eyeing a pair of floral culottes and I might just have to buy them.  Summer can come early, I’m ready!

    • studmoofin
    • March 13th, 2010

    I used to wear biker shorts when I was little! I guess I was cooler than I thought! 😛

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