Retro Club Monaco

Club Monaco is bringing back their Club Crest logo.  I remember wearing their crested logo on an oversized sweatshirt (in several diferent colours) with leggings back in elementary school.  I was waay too cool.  I even have a picture of myself in in my navy blue Club Monaco sweater.  Don’t laugh.  It was hip back then!  (Well, I thought so anyway)  They even had a Club Monaco for Kids store during that time.  But I got mine adult size for extra oversized coolness.

Here I am in our school library. I was pretty darn cool obviously.

I’m not sure if this is going to be a big hit.  The brand has changed so much over the years that this kind of shirt/sweatshirt doesn’t really reflect their label anymore.  Nothing from their current line is even close to sweatshirt material. You can check out this retro look in the Robson Street and Pacific Centre Club Monaco stores.

This is the kind of look I think is typical of Club Monaco.

But I guess they're branching out... this sweater is cashmere though.

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    • February 20th, 2010

    Loving the trademark Club Monaco logo. I feel like I want to get the T shirt or the crew neck shirt. Definitely reminds me of the good old days. Good post.

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