American Apparel Nail Polish

I was window shopping yesterday and came across a colourful rack of nail polish in American Apparel.  They have recently launched a line of nail polish and the colours were just too pretty to pass up.  I scooped up one “Factory Grey” and the last “Hunter” on the shelf.  I have to say, the colours are so pretty and spring-ish, pastel inspired.

Factory Grey


I couldn’t wait to get home and try Hunter out.  The packaging was not the best.  The bottle is really narrow so I was constantly worried that I would knock the bottle over.  The brush is only okay.  I found it to be a tad small but I am used to using the wide OPI brushes.  It gives nice control but it doesn’t pick up enough polish to do an entire nail without dipping more than once.  The polish itself is pretty opaque.  I didn’t need to use more than two coats to make it opaque.  But it does dry a little slowly.  I used an OPI base coat and an Essie top coat and there is already slight tip-wear on my right (dominant) hand.  I’m wondering if it’s the colour or the top coat though.  The colour itself is really pretty.  I’m looking forward to the Factory Grey and I might just pick up the Peacock if I like it. 

Pros: pretty colours, formula is opaque in two coats

Cons: packaging, dries slowly, chips a little quickly

Overall: 7.5/10, only because the colours are so pretty.

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