No New Toy… :(

I blogged about my new Toy Watch a few weeks ago and how it was being shipped in the mail.  I bought it from Beyond the Rack and I am beyond disappointed in their service.  I’m sooo sad because they aren’t sending my watch nor are they doing anything about it.  Apparently, their supplier short shipped them and my watch didn’t get shipped.  They did nothing to tell me about the situation until I inquired about why my watch still had not been shipped and there was no tracking number to be found.  Their service is so disappointing because I had to try to contact them thrice before actually knowing of the situation and I asked them if they could replace the style I ordered with a similar style.  Their replacements were NOTHING like the watch I had ordered.  I, in turn, replied with the question, is there anything else you can do for me?  Their response?  Nothing.  They did not even respond to me until 4 days later when I RESENT the email to another address.  Boy, was I ever angry by then. 

My original order:

The watches that they tried to replace with:

In the end, they gave me their “sincerest apologies” and refunded my money back onto my credit card.  No compensation for my grief in having to deal with them.  I will never order from Beyond the Rack again.  I don’t trust them at all.  I have never been treated so badly by an online store.  Be warned if you order from them, you might not even get what you ordered.  They don’t even list a phone number on their website if you need service.  I’ll stick to Hautelook in the future, thank you very much.

  1. I saw snaps in your site it all is very beautiful. you express your problem but same time it happened don’t worry and u loved watch very much.your site is very nice.

    • Tommy Kwon
    • December 25th, 2009

    that sucks, online retailers can definitely be disappointing sometimes

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