Stocking Stuffers for Him

1. Rubik’s Cube (Toys R Us, $9.99CDN).  Retro toys are back in and this toy is such a classic.  If you want more of a challenge, there’s a 4×4 and 5×5 cube on the Rubik’s cube website or if you want even more of a challenge, I’ve seen a 7×7 one on

2. Travel Mug (in picture, Starbucks, $24.99CDN).  A travel mug is a coffee or tea enthusiast’s best friend.   And it is environmentally friendly!  If you get a stainless steel one versus a plastic one, it will keep your warm beverage warmer for longer.

3. Mythbuster DVD.  I have not met a guy that didn’t like this show.  And if they don’t like this show, it’s because they haven’t seen it before or don’t have the channel that it’s on.  Even I like this show.  Watching them attempt to bust common urban legends and stunts from movies is hilarious!  Did you know that powdered coffee creamer can be used for an explosive?

4. Lego set (Toys R Us).  Every child has played with Lego before but it tends to be a favourite classic for most little boys.  And every man is a child at heart.  I gave a small set to a co-worker and I think he really liked it. 

5. Game console controller (in picture, Future Shop, $54.99CDN).  An extra controller means another person can play NHL10 with the guys.  Or that he can retire the controller with the limp joystick from overuse. (That sentence sounded not so dirty in my head, but you get the idea)

Happy Christmas/Hannuka/Kwanza Shopping!

    • tim_e
    • December 14th, 2009


    you had 7 items for her, and 5 items for him, are you trying to say us guys are simple?

    • maybegirl
    • December 17th, 2009

    Of course not! My original stocking stuffer guider for her was supposed to be a general one but I thought maybe I should differentiate. So that’s why there’s more on that list and some of the gifts are unisex on that guide. Guys are definitely not simple!

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