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I’m super excited about New Year’s Eve this year!  Something about the thought champagne and beautiful dresses and lots of glitzy, sparkly make up makes me warm inside.  I know, Christmas isn’t even over yet and I’m already thinking about New Year’s Eve!  Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now and keeping an eye out for pretty dresses.  It wasn’t until last weekend that I actually looked for a New Year’s dress but I found one!  I can’t wait to wear it and I’m hoping I can wear it more than once.  So if you have any suggestions on outfits with this past or during the holiday, please suggest!

$118CDN from Armani Exchange

My idea of a good New Year’s dress involves some shine or sparkle or some kind of wow factor.  It could be eye-catching colour or an interesting neckline, something about the dress has to say “Wow!”.   The theme for the party I’m attending this year is “white chic” but what’s the fun in looking like everyone else?  Besides, what are the chances that I will still be white by the end of the night.  I got honey mustard on my purple silk dress last year and had to dry clean.

Some other cute dresses I was considering:

$68 CDN from Urban Outfitters


$148 CDN from Armani Exchange

$178 CDN from Bebe

On sale for $109 CDN at Bebe

I really like the pink lace one from Bebe but someone told me it looks too much like a prom dress and it’s a little on the pricy side.  However, in opionion, it is the most versatile dress of all the ones I’ve picked so chances are, that one will get worn more than once.  The pink bandage dress from Armani Exchange is really fitted so be prepared to go commando, or wear super seamless underwear/thong.  It even showed where my belly button ring was.  But I like the eye-catching colour of it.  I tried the Urban Outfitter one but they only had an XS which was just a little too tight for my liking.  Otherwise, it would have also been very versatile, maybe even moreso than the lace number.  The last red one just screams NYE.  But I can’t get over the fact that I hate wearing red for some reason.

    • studmoofin
    • December 8th, 2009

    i love sparkles!!! 😉
    the Urban Outfitters is my favourite one, but your Armani Exchange dress is more for NYE! i’m glad you found your NYE dress!

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