My Christmas Wish List…

I’ve been known to buy things off my own list before Christmas so if any of my friends are looking at this list, please be warned. 🙂

I think I’m being pretty reasonable with my list this year.  With the exception of number 3 on my list, the Balenciaga bag.  Besides, this is only a guideline for buying and they are merely suggestions.  If Santa decides to give me all these things this Christmas, I definitely won’t complain. 😉

1. Wii Fit Plus.  Price:$99.99 from Futureshop. I’m getting terribly flabby since I work at a desk 8 to 4.  Maybe if getting fit were a game, I would be motivated to do it.  Actually, Wii Fit looks like a lot of fun.  My new years resolution every year is to be more healthy and getting more exercise is one of the things I always vow to do.  My body needs it.

2. Konad Nail Stamp Kit. Price: $39.99 from Metrotown kiosk.  I would really like to experiment with nail stamps to see if they’re for me.  As most of you who read my blog know, I love nail polish!  They make these look so fun and easy that I just have to try them.

3. Balenciaga Large City bag.  Price: Too expensive to even dream about.  I’ve loved Balenciaga bags since I first saw them in Holt Renfrew.  I long for this bag so much that it hurts.  Maybe someday…

4. Pink Volant Moleskine Plain Notebook.  Price $16.00 for pack of two.  These notebooks are so handy.  I just bought a pocket sized one to throw in my purse and I love it.  They come in beautiful shades of pink too!  I want a bigger one now…

5. Essie Mini Fall Collection.  Price: $17.00USD online.  Essie nail polishes are really durable and chip resisitant.  Their colour selection is smaller than OPI but I find that their formula is a little stronger and more chip resistant.  The colours that they do have are quite pretty. I’m staring at my “mint candy apple” coloured nails as I type this.

6. Western Digital My Passport Elite.  Price: $149.99 from BestBuy for 500 GB.  I’ve been downloading all my shows onto flashdrives and watching them on my WD media hub and I would really like an external hard drive to put all my favourite movies and show on to.

    • tim_e
    • December 1st, 2009

    That’s quite the list you have there, I’m glad to see you have a wide range of prices there that also aren’t limited to fashion items!

    • glitterqueen69
    • December 1st, 2009

    Wonderful! Amazing! All of those things on that list are just glorious. I suggest you get the wii fit. My cat and I really enjoy getting fit on the fit.

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