Rock and Republics in Costco?


Downtown location of Costco

It was weird walking into Costco and seeing Rock and Republic jeans.  It’s just too bad that they only had size 27-32.  I might have considered taking a second look at them.  The washes weren’t amazing but the price was pretty reasonable.  The fact that Costco has no fitting rooms also makes it difficult to buy but they have a pretty good return policy.  Some forums I frequent have suspicions that these jeans are fakes so I would be cautious.

I don’t know how I feel about buying designer denim in Costco though.  Some have said it cheapens the brand.  I’ve bought designer denim at sample sales, warehouse sales, clearance sales, outlets, Winners, but somehow, Costco seems worse than all that.  I don’t know why but the thought of stacks of R & R jeans next to coffee makers and blenders just doesn’t seem right.

    • Niki
    • September 2nd, 2010

    You know, I agree with you entirely. Except that I was curious and grabbed a pair. From what I could find online about fake rock and republics online, they are real. They include all inner labels; all of which are where they should be. The also have all the proper hardware. From what I can see they are completely legitimate.

    But you ARE right. There is something wrong about shopping for designer denim at costco.

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