Search for my birthday dress…

every year i spend tons of time at the mall before the month of may looking for my special dress for the one day of the year that i get all the attention on me. so i like to look smashing. last year i bought a silk purple dress from jacob and hemmed it shorter than tea-length. my birthday is far enough from new year’s that i got to wear it twice last year.


i’ve been looking for my birthday dress since february and am looking for a hot pink one-shoulder mini-dress. so far, here are my options both from french connection:

Fast Bonny Cotton £110 from

Fast Bonny Cotton £110 from

this one is the blue version of the above dress. but i think i like it. i don’t own anything like it.
Fast Bonny Cotton £110 from

Fast Bonny Cotton £110 from

Dotty Dress £75 from

Dotty Dress £75 from

i can’t wait to get to the nearest french connection store to see if these dresses are available and as nice as they look in pictures. i usually get to stores to look at dresses and am greatly disappointed. but we’ll see! 🙂

    • glitterqueen 69
    • March 29th, 2009

    maybe you should get a dress with lots of glitter! you should get a dress and add glitter to it! Sort of like what you with your jeans. You should get a bedazzler! its only $30 from walmart! You should ask the blogger from 1 litre of sunshine to help you with it! You guys are my favorite bloggers! You guys should meet up where you can take 2 of my passions (fashion and crafts) and combine them to create a super blog. Anyways, i love your blog, thanks to you, i feel like im 50 again!

    • studmoofin
    • March 29th, 2009

    i hope you’ll find the perfect dress! 🙂

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