Rip off my own jeans update!

So last post, i announced that i would rip my own jeans and show you guys what it looks like. i found a video on youtube that shows you how to distress your own jeans. here are the tools you need:


  • pair of old jeans
  • hard object like a rock or bottle
  • pen knife or exacto knife
  • cheese grater
  • lint roller (my own suggestion)

this video is a pretty good tutorial of how to distress your own jeans and i referred to it myself when doing my own jeans. my jeans are an old pair of cropped american eagle jeans i bought at winners maybe two years ago for about $20. i wasn’t going to be too sad if i screwed them up. i wouldn’t experiment with any of my designer jeans. the lint roller is used to pick up all the little pieces of lint that will definitely be falling off when you are grating your jeans with the cheese grater. oh yeah, and be careful with the pen knife. it is definitely not a toy and definitely sharp or this might happen…


the trick to it is to grate slow and not press too hard because you’ll just put a hole in the denim. if you grate slowly, you’ll get to the threads and they’ll still connect. here’s what the jeans  looked like before:


and here’s what they look like now:



my verdict is that you can not recreate the perfect rips that current/elliot make without spending over $200 for the real thing but my attempt was not bad. i’m going to be wearing mine proudly in the summer. i even have my own battle wound to show for my hard work. anyone else going to try to destroy their old jeans? show me your attempts!

    • studmoofin
    • March 26th, 2009

    your new ripped jeans look really good!
    thanks for sharing! …and be careful next time 😉

  1. October 28th, 2009

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