Back to Basics!


since the recession is definitely upon us, fashion and style must take a small sidestep to essentials such as food and shelter. a good way to save money is to go back to basics and build our wardrobe around these key items that will definitely survive the ever-changing seasons in fashion.  spending a little more on these will ensure that they do not break down after a few wears.
  • Boots. a good pair of flat or mid-heeled boots in a neutral colour such as black or grey will take you far, especially in a city with unpredictable weather such as mine.  tuck your skinnies or leggings into them and you’re prepared if there are sudden showers. remember to spray them with leather protector to keep them looking their best!
Steve Madden
Steve Madden
  •  Cardigans. i have learned the hard way that a few dollars will get you a cardigan that is worth a few dollars. A few basic cardigans in neutral tones and some basic colours will spruce up many outfits from jeans and a tee to a dress or tunic. Longer cardigans cater more to winter so if you get a few midlength ones, they will take you throughout the year and over all the seasons. $59.50 USD $59.50 USD
  •  Jeans. jeans are the staple in my wardrobe that get the most wear out of all the things that sit in my closet. it’s worth it to buy a few pairs in medium and dark washes in classic cuts such as straight leg and boot cut. if you find a style or wash that really fits well (yes, i know it’s rare), then buy two pairs and hem one to flats length and one to heels length. jeans are one thing that you can really feel the difference in quality. cheap jeans feel cheap and WILL stretch enormously and fade very quickly. quality jeans will keep their shape better and fade slower than cheap jeans.
    Seven for All Mankind in Medium New York Dark $165 USD

    Seven for All Mankind in Medium New York Dark $165 USD

  • Basic tees, and tanks. tees and tanks can be dressed up or down with different blazers and jackets. they get lots of wear year-round and if you find some comfy good quality ones, they will last much longer and through many washes. my cheap ones bust threads all the time and i find myself having to replace them more often. having a few in different colours will be handy and easy to layer and match.

    Banana Republic $20 USD

    Banana Republic $20 USD

  •  Leather Bag. notice that i wrote leather bag and not leather bags. investing in one good, basic, medium-sized, neutral coloured leather (black, grey, camel, brown) bag will last years and leather will stay in fashion. real leather tends to be very durable and ages really well. my favourite leather bag has been with me for two years and will probably stay with me for another 5-10 years. $308 CDN $308 CDN

  • LBD. oh yes. i love the little black dress. it’s the best feeling when you find one that makes you feel great and look great. if you get a classic timeless style, it will stay in your wardrobe for many years to come and you can wear it for lots of occasions without worrying about people remembering you wearing it. i still have the same black dress i wore for my highschool graduation photos. i may wear it again for my university graduation… but maybe i’ll get something new.

    banana republic $130 USD

    banana republic $130 USD

Now that you know what to spend the extra dollars on, here’s what you should save on so that you can pay your rent and put food on your table.

  • Accessories. i might be biased in this because some people swear by their favourite expensive cocktail ring or statement necklace. but jewellery trends change so often and get lost so easily (or maybe it’s just me!). it’s just not worth it to spend lots of money on little or big earrings that will get lost the next time you go out with the girls.  all of the accessories below are from


  • Socks and underwear. no one really looks at your socks and underwear. as long as they are clean, with no holes, it’s all good. you’re not trying to seduce someone at all times, so as long as you’re wearing the right kind of bra and underpants (e.g., no visible panty lines), it doesn’t really matter how much they cost. i only buy underwear from jacob lingerie but it’s super affordable. they have sales twice a year and are about 5 for $15 and so comfortable. old navy is also currently have a fundamentals sale with 3 pairs of socks for $4. we don’t need to be walking around in la perlas all the time.
  • Workout clothes. don’t get me wrong, i think working out and exercising is very important. but i don’t need to impress anyone at the gym when everyone else is red-faced and breathing hard just like me. i don’t mean wear clothes that are falling apart with holes in it, but as long as it’s not constraining and you can run in it, go for it. i really don’t understand when people spend tons of money on clothes just for the gym. you’re going to be sweaty anyway. old navy has an affordable line of yoga wear if you do need some workout clothes.
  • Animal prints and similar bold trends. admit it, you’re only going to wear it once because it’s too “statement” to be worn twice. if you have to have it, don’t splurge on it. once everyone’s seen you wear it once, you’re not going to want wear it again. forever 21 has lots of up-to-date trends for prices that won’t break the bank.

Now tell me, what do you spend your precious dollars on? and what things might you buy but not spend a lot on? 🙂

    • studmoofin
    • March 12th, 2009

    i spend my precious dollars on shoes! especially sneakers. a few extra dollars is worth it… i don’t want my shoes to have holes and rips within a year or so =)
    and i don’t spend a lot of money on accessories. although some accessories are really pretty, i would rather spend it on something else that i will wear more often =D

    awesome topic!

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