Flat out comfortable… but FABULOUS!

flats are my go-to shoe when i don’t know what to wear with an outfit, especially if i have to do a lot of walking. they are usually quite comfortable (unless you’re wearing the wrong size, but that’s with any shoes) and super versatile. they are great because you can dress them up or down. there are great flats with embellishments, metallic leathers, bright patents and they can still look more casual or professional in plain black. with spring coming quickly, i can finally take my flats out of the closet and start wearing them. winter kept my tootsies in boots but since the sun has started to grace us with its presence, the flats come out! flats come in a huge range of prices. the ones pictured above being the more expensive designer ones. miu miu, jimmy choo, dolce and gabbana, juicy couture, marc jacobs, they all contribute to the world of flats.

On the flipside, as much as i would love to buy a pair of designer flats, there are many MANY affordable choices of flats that are still uber cute. aldo shoes always has some stylish ones and if you want to get even MORE affordable, payless shoes and even the JOE line at superstore has flats that are still sooo spring. The great thing about payless is that they have designers like alicia + olivia and Lela Rose design an affordable line of shoes and handbags for them.  Here are some that won’t break the bank:

$45.00 CDN from aldoshoes.com

$45.00 CDN from aldoshoes.com

$65.00 CDN from aldoshoes.com

$65.00 CDN from aldoshoes.com$60.00 CDN from aldoshoes.com

$17.00 USD from payless.com

$17.00 USD from payless.com

alicia + olivia by payless $36.00 USD

alicia + olivia by payless $36.00 USD

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