Things I Love…

Coffee made with Love

  • Vanilla Latte. My favourite way to wake up in the morning. I wish I had my own starbucks in my home to wake up to the smell of coffee. When I have a vanilla latte before classes, it just makes my day a little bit better and puts a smile on my face. I don’t often buy these because they are a little more expensive than my regular drip coffee. But when I do, I appreciate it.
  • Designer Jeans. My favourite brands include 7 For All Mankind, Citizens for Humanity, and True Religion. 7FAM and Citizens for their comfort and True Religions for their unique washes and styles. My favourite pair of jeans is a pair of Citizens that I found at a warehouse sample sale in Chinatown.
  • Bargain Hunting. I will almost do anything to get to a sale. I have played hooky at work to get to a warehouse sale. I can spend hours scouring Winners for a bargain. I’ve gone across the border for a designer denim sale.  I will even go to shady neighbourhoods to get to a sale (like Chinatown). I even bargain hunt online! I’m a member of a number different sale sites: hautelook, shopittome, ilovesamplesales, etc.
  • My bff’s blog on cardmaking and crafts. She doesn’t know, but I check everyday to see if she’s updated. And I can notice if she’s changed her banner. I love her cartoons! They make me laugh.
  • Online Shopping. This is one of the number one ways I procrastinate. Whoever invented this is a GENIUS. I am currently looking for my birthday dress and it’s so easy to do it online instead of writing my 10 page paper. 🙂
    • studmoofin
    • March 2nd, 2009

    i love vanilla lattes too!

    ps: i heart you ❤

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