Forever 21… you are my kryptonite.

i went shopping over the weekend in search of dresses and tunics since the weather is warming up a little bit and to get ready for spring. i found one cute tunic/dress/frock thingy (see dresses post for other dresses i loved)  at urban outfitters. it was a little pricey at $68CDN but i thought i would get a lot of wear from it since it will take me through summer when i can wear it without leggings or tights and with a nice pairs sandals. This is the dress i bought:


i’m gonna wear this accessorised with a camel coloured skinny belt, tights and my over the knee boots (which haven’t come in the mail yet) with my distressed black leather jacket on top. maybe i’ll take a picture of this outfit once all my items have come in the mail. it’s gonna be super cute. anyway, i was shopping online today and came across the forever21 website. i thought i might find something to blog about on the website but instead, i found tunics and dresses! all at amazingly affordable CANADIAN PRICES! with free shipping on purchases over $75! i started adding things haphazardly and soon, i had a purchas over $75 and my hands took over and purchased them. i’m feeling guilty and may regret this later. but here’s the damage:

i don’t know why but i lost control. with taxes, the dress from urban outfitters was almost the same prices as these four items so i guess i figured it wasn’t that bad. i see signs that i am a shopaholic. i ought cut up my credit card. 😦

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