American Sex Apparel?

WARNING: pictures in this blog may be offensive to people.

so i’m not sure how i should feel about the ads and pictures available for viewing on the american apparel website. i read about the scandals that the ceo of american apparel, dov charney, had been involved in and am utterly appalled at his work ethic amongst his employees. i hear stories about him paying special allowances to girls that give him sexual favours and a contract that employees have to sign saying that they may be in the environment with sexual things being said, which give him the right to call them cunts, sluts, and whores. but i’m at crossroads on how i feel about the pictures of girls where you can clearly see their nipples and have some not so subtle sexual innuendos.


it all started with a korean girl named kyung chung who wore nothing but a pair of nude coloured tights for a billboard. at first i thought, “this is horrible. why would they take advantage of this girl like this?”. and then i found more pictures of her on the american apparel website where she was topless and bared her breasts. furthermore, i found out that these pictures were self-portraits taken by her. kyung chung is a model and amateur photographer that happens to be very comfortable with her sexuality. and now i pause to wonder, am i comfortable with sexuality at all?


i’m not sure how i’m supposed to feel about nudity on their website anymore because i feel like it’s kind of artistic. it portrays sexuality in a raw, non-airbrushed, way that is rarely portrayed in our media.  the images totally push the envelope, and they are artistic because people just don’t show pictures like these. but at the same time, i don’t feel like kids should be exposed to this kind of media at such a young age. since their clothing is mainly targeted towards teens, hipsters and even children, these are the people that are going to their website and seeing the pictures. the last scandal REALLY had me up the wall. apparently, the stores had magazines on display in their backpacks and these were pornographic magazines. see, that’s just not necessary. i still think dov charney’s a sleeze though. he’s hired some porn stars to model his clothes including sasha grey and charlotte stokely. this campaign apparently was headed and photographed by the kyung whose bottom stirred american pots everywhere with her billboard.



breasts AND pubic hair?? these pictures make me not want to shop at american apparel with small children.

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