Dresses? Easy Peasy!

since i started having early morning classes three days a week, i’ve become very aware of how long it takes for me to decide on an outfit. jeans, shirts, hoodie or cardigan, shoes, jacket… does the bag match? and when i’m in a hurry, i don’t always look coordinated or all that great. i’ll admit, i’ve had some pretty bad outifts rushing out of the house. and i don’t always match.


dresses and tights available at banana republic, old navy, club monaco, and urban outfitters. 🙂

so i had this idea about dresses, call me crazy, but they are a top and a bottom in one (minimalizing my time needed for matching things).  i have a limited number of cardigans to choose from so throwing one on would be easy peasy. if it’s cold, a pair of black or printed or coloured tights would work. there are so many beautiful tights in stores at the moment that i’ve bought three pairs in the last three months. OH THE POSSIBILITIES! it’s easy peasy to take an outfit with a dress out after school or even out at night. i won’t feel as bummy going anywhere after school anymore. i’m hoping dresses will cut down on the decision-making time and make my outfits match or least look acceptable.  we’ll see if i’m successful.

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