Spring is coming!

i know… it’s only the beginning of january. but i can’t help but look forward to summer. however, before summer can get here, spring is coming! what does that mean? more colour and lots of fun rain gear! i was at the mall today and found some really colourful, fun things that will really come in handy when spring finally gets here.


everyone needs an umbrella. but why have a boring black one when you can get a reasonably priced patterned one? these two can be found at your local old navy at $12.50 CDN. and there’s other beautiful patterns too!



this rain jacket is uber cute and comes in bright pink, yellow, and black and also available at old navy for $59.50 CDN. this bright blue jacket is reminiscent of the jackets in the first season of gossip girl that blair waldorf,  jenny humphrey and their gang wear.


a good pair of rain boots is an essential for spring especially if you live in a wet city like me. wear them with your skinnies tucked in or with a tunic and leggings and you’re ready to go puddle hopping. they come in all colours and patterns from cute to chic so they are so practical and still fashionable.  the two boots pictured above are available for viewing at chookaboots.com

with my umbrella in hand, rain jacket on, and my jeans tucked into wellies, i’m ready for spring to spring anything on me! 🙂

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