OPI me out of this drab weather…


i’ve recently taken up watching the city on mtv.ca which feels so wrong but my eyes are glued to my lcd monitor. the whole idea of the hills and the city seems a little pre-conceived to me but the clothes that these girls wear are utterly jaw dropping! i love watching how their make up is always perfect and the camera just happens to be there when they have these little heart-to-hearts and squabbles about work. the clothes make me wish a camera was watching my every move as i try to manouveur six-inch heels on cobblestone. but i guess i will have to just watch the hills and steal style ideas. one of which i have already stolen.

while i adore olivia and whitney’s skyscraping stilletos and killer fashion sense, i am a little more like erin. i love her eclectic, more casual, style. the second episode of the hills had me longing for the bright yellow shade of nail polish that she was wearing. and i popped into a local salon to find this:


this bright yellow is cleverly called “need sunglasses?” and is not as orange-y as it appears in the picture. it is apparently the “it” colour of the season according to OPI. i love it and am wearing it as i type out this blog (which will probably remain unread).  in fact, i love most of their “brights” line. it is so fun and a good remedy for my SAD right now. i may be heading back to the salon soon to snap up “gargantuan green grape” and “teal the cows come home”. More colours can be found at opi.com 🙂


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