April 2012 Luxe Box from Loose Button

April’s Luxe Box actually arrived in May. Which is a little disappointing but my friend had warned me that Loose Button is usually late with the shipment of their boxes. I assume only people in the East actually got their boxes in April. I think it was a little later this time because of the confusion with their First in Line Program.

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March 2012 Luxe Box from Loose Button

My March Luxe Box from Loose Button came on Friday and I was happy to see it. It’s a small surprise every month. I participated in their “first in line” program and I thought that I had confirmed my reservation for the Cargo glittery top coat but I didn’t get it in my box. I was pretty disappointed that it didn’t come but c’est la vie!

My box this month came with 4 items. Without further ado, here are my items:

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Currently drooling over… Madewell Leather Transport



Available in true black and english saddle from Madewell for $168USD

I am terrible with handbags. As in, I love them too much and want all of them. This is the one that I’m currently coveting for the summer. I know, it’s still winter. But I can just see myself toting this around in my shorts and even for work. Basking in the sun mild Vancouver sun, I’ll throw in a light jacket or maybe my trusty denim jacket and my sunglasses. It is reasonably priced and I would love it forever. It would be perfect for walking down Robson Street. It would hold everything! If only Madewell’s shipping to Canada wasn’t so expensive, I would order this in a heartbeat. Alas, I will be without this bag for now…

February 2012 Luxe Box from Loose Button

I have been anticipating receiving the February Luxe Box since January when I signed up. At the time I was hearing people talk about a few different beauty sample boxes. Topbox, Glymm, Luxe Box, and Glossy Box were among the ones being mentioned that were shipping to Canada. Topbox was sold out so I decided to try the Luxe Box. If you haven’t heard of these, they are beauty sample subscriptions and usually send 4-5 deluxe samples every month. They vary from $10-$15. The Luxe Box is $12 per month with free shipping.

Here’s what I got in the mail today:

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How I cleaned my Hunter rain boots

I bought Hunter rain boots about two years ago and I have to say, I love the quality of their boots because they have not failed me yet and do not look like they will fail any time soon. They are made of a quality rubber and also made from one piece of rubber, not two or more pieces glued together. In my opinion, that makes a difference because I’ve had other rain boots that have cracked or come apart from where the two piece were glued together which is usually close to the sole, making it pretty much useless because it will then leak water into the boot. In a city like Vancouver, a good rain boot is pretty much a staple because it rains all the time.

The only gripe about my Hunter rain boots was this so-called “blooming”:

Occasionally, you may notice a white powdery “bloom” on your Hunter rubber wellington boots. This is because rubber is a natural product and in certain conditions, insoluble particles may rise to the surface. This is a common process, characteristic of high quality, natural rubber and nothing to worry about.

This process does not affect the performance or durability of your boots.   A pristine finish and shine is easily restored with regular use of Hunter Boot Buffer, or Instant Boot Shine, available from good Hunter retailers, as well as from our online store.

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My Very First Black Friday

I wanted to post about my Deborah Lippman nail polish but in the midst of the move, it got misplaced. It is currently in a box in the garage amongst about 30 other boxes, which I have no desire to look through a week and a half before my final exam at school.

I figured that instead of my nail polish review, Black Friday would be much more fun to blog about. The nail polish will always be there!

I decided about a month and a half ago that I would take a day off from work and make the trek across the border to do some Black Friday deal hunting with some others. We had no idea what to expect since none of us had ever experienced it in person. Of course, we’d heard some horror stories about an employee getting trampled at Walmart last year but surely, that was not the fate of most.

We left on our adventure at about 8:30pm on Thursday night, November 24th. Most stores at Seattle Premium Outlets were planned to open at midnight so we thought had quite a bit of time. The border wait actually breezed by quickly with only a 20 minute wait. We were within sight of Seattle Premium Outlets by 10:45pm. By that time, all the parking lots of the outlets were FULL! We had to park in the “overflow” lots in the Tulalip Casinos. They happen to be a maze without any clear marking of where you were parking. No number or letters to distinguish one lot from another, a maze designed to keep you in the casino forever! This is coming from a person who has spent about 45 minutes looking for their car in that very lot.

Enough of the specifics, here are my goods from Seattle Premium (all prices shown are before taxes):

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Get back on the horse…

I took a long break from blogging… and by long break, I mean two months shy of a year! To say that I’ve missed it is an understatement. It’s constantly been at the back of my mind. A little guilty reminder nagging me telling me to blog again. Well, I’m back and I can’t promise to blog often but I do promise to myself that I will blog.

To hold myself responsible, I will tell you what my next post will be:

A review of Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer in Naked. This might not happen until next weekend because of a pending move and upcoming due date for an assignment and study time for an upcoming midterm.

I am studious aren’t I? Actually, that is me taking a break to blog and be a cam whore. My eyes have been so tired, I’ve resorted to wearing glasses again. It reminds me of my days in university. It feels good to blog again! 🙂